There are not too many times that a Major League ball player hits the ball and everyone, including the opposing team’s on the field players, just watch it.  Unless you are Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins.  When he ball meets Stanton’s bat, it makes a different sound.  His homeruns are majestic, parabolic, and a thing of beauty to watch.  They are everything you would want in homerun.

Stanton was drafted in the second round of the 2007 amateur draft.  He has been in the big leagues since 2010 and has impressed every year with his “light tower power.”  If you have not seen his legendary blasts, just watch.  That was one of many blasts where fans who thought, “I don’t have to worry about a ball here” all of a sudden had to buy another beer because they lost theirs ducking for cover.

Stanton’s shots look almost unhuman.  He has been in the top seven for average homerun distance each of the last three years and leads this year’s group so far at an inconceivable 439 feet per homerun.  See for yourself at ESPN’s Homerun Tracker.  He has the strength to hit it out of any park in the country or Canada; even Yellowstone.  This is a guy you want to keep your eye on for many years to come as he brings the homerun back to baseball in a way we may not have seen since Cecil Fielder.

He is even turning into a better average hitter as evident by his average rising each of his five years in the Majors.  2013 was the only hiccup in that trend and was an injury riddled year for Stanton.  He is also getting a better feel for the strike zone increasing his walk total to a career high 74 last season.

Chicks dig the long ball!!!  So does everyone else for that matter.  Stanton just might be the “King of Swing” when it comes to the long ball.

Written by: Nic Amanno

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