Well the season is just around the corner and the MLB pitcher’s and catchers are about to report for spring training. Therefore, what better time to predict the MLB player achievement awards for the 2014 season.

NL Comeback Player of the Year: Dan Uggla-2nd-Atlanta Braves

Second baseman Dan Uggla, might surprise baseball fans to win this award for comeback player of the year for the upcoming season especially since his number slid the past. Actually, his numbers a fallen since the last three years. But looking at his stats he due for a fairly significant rebound in 2014.

Presenting him in line this coming season, giving him the nod for Comeback Player of the year. But make a note on BJ Upton, he will also look to perform better than he did in the last season.

NL MVP: Paul Goldschmidt – 1st – Arizona Diamondbacks

Goldschmidt finished second for the award last year, and Mark Trumbo is expected to hit behind him this year, Goldie will see pitches to hit. His numbers will probably be at least as good as last season, but don’t hold out on Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutcheon, he might be able from his solid performance from last season.

NL Rookie of Year: Oscar Taveras – Of – St. Louis Cardinals

Oscar Tavaras was the only National League player chosen in MLB article. Anyone expecting a nod to Billy Hamilton should look at another article, as I don’t think he’s going to get on base enough for that blazing speed of his to be useful enough. Taveras has the pop and potentially the defensive ability to be quite valuable for the Cards.

NL Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg – RHP – Washington Nationals

Stephen Strasburg time has arrived the  Washington’s ace is ready to place it all together and dominate major league hitters over a full season.

Simply put, he has the talent to complete the season with phenomenal numbers 20+ wins, 250+ strikeouts, and an ERA below 2.50. The best thing is, he won’t actually have to have this dominant of a performance with Washington’s rotation. The Nationals unit falls right under the awesome Atlanta’s pitching rotation in the 90’s, except maybe a little bit better. 

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