The same day the Los Angeles Angels signed Mike Trout to a one year/$1 Million deal, they announce  Josh Hamilton will be out a “couple of weeks” with a calf injury.  The peak of the roller coaster is Mike Trout, the two-time runner up for the American League MVP award has every team in Major League Baseball is just waiting for the day he will be a free agent. 

Trout signed the biggest pre-arbitration contract in the history of the game this week.  This deal could only mean one thing; the Angels and Trout have in some way agreed to a long term deal.  There was no reason for the Angels to make this deal unless they are just trying to save cap space, which they need desperately having Hamilton and Pujols’ major contracts. 

By signing Trout to a one year, low annual salary deal, they will fall under the cap this year and save on the luxury tax.  If/when they sign Trout to a long term deal just after the season starts, Trout’s major contract will not affect the Angels cap situation this year.

As for Hamilton, he came in bulked up 28 pounds compared to the end of last season.  This extra weight was intended to provide more power and be in overall better condition to produce better than his .250/. 307/. 432 with 21 home runs and. 739 OPS numbers from last year, his first in Los Angeles. 

Hamilton is not getting any younger, at 33 he enters the 2014 season, already with a history of injuries and not being able to recover fast.  The Angels hope that his timeframe is actually a couple of weeks and Hamilton will be starting Opening Day.

Written By:  NIc Amanno

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